Acid Rain Solutions

Knowing Our Environment

ACID RAIN SOLUTIONS - who should front the fight

Acid rain is the consequence of acidic atmospheric pollution. Sulphur is the biggest problem released for the most part by automobiles and industry. Acid rain, though only focused on in the last few decades, has been present in the atmosphere for at least a century or two. Giving no forethought to the future, industrialists and automobile manufacturers have gone on to create more. Instead of trying to find acid rain solutions they continue to contribute to its existence and growth.

The effects of acid rain are traumatic. Many of the lakes and waterways in the U.S. and Canada are so polluted from acid rain it is impossible for anything to live there. Plants, wildlife and surrounding waterways are being affected drastically. There are acid rain solutions and there are things being done, but it can’t possibly be enough to catch up with the damage already done.

Slowing the emission of sulphur oxides decreases pollution and the government requires that energy producing organizations use “Scrubbers”. This equipment will trap up to 95% of pollutants before they are released into the atmosphere. The inclusion of this equipment is mandatory when constructing a new power plant. Also, catalytic converters in cars would reduce emissions. Power plants that use coal for energy can contribute by burning coal with a lower sulphur content.

Natural sources of sulphur emissions include volcanoes and decomposition of natural plant life. Even though there are natural causes, typically, it is proven that Human carelessness and overwhelming amounts of toxins permeating the air, we are the main sources of acid rain. Therefore, we should be the founders of acid rain solutions and knowing the amount of technology being utilized in other areas, that aren’t significant to the welfare of our planet, why isn’t some of that technology being used for the cleanup?

Despite the fact it is the big guys, like industry, that hold the biggest percentage for causing acid rain, just one person can contribute to eliminating, or at least reducing the causes of this ugly pollutant. This is a crucial part of cleaning up the environment, the air before it gets choked, and the water before we can’t look at it because of the glow from pollution. People are dying from contaminants in the air, from the earth, even from the food we eat that is contaminated with acid rain impurities.

The Environmental Protection Agency has instructed manufacturing plants and other types of industry about reducing exhaust and pollutants in quantity. Acid rain solutions should be focused on industry and energy producing plants. Coal, though expensive in part to ship, should be of low sulphur content.

Everyone has to help. The world seems to be coming together in other aspects, like the computer. Why can’t it come together in cleaning up the mess we all contribute to? Coal and energy producers are the major considerations. Does the world really need all that industry? If so, it should also find acid rain solutions and clean the air.