Benefits of Going Green

Knowing Our Environment

Important Benefits of Going Green

Going green has gained a lot of attention in the recent past. Go green slogans can be found almost everywhere and there is an increasing coverage of the effects of global warming and the benefits of going green. In the beginning, going green was used to refer to participating in activities that were environment friendly, and this was in direct relation to global warming. Nowadays however, going green has become wider in scope and it also includes using resources better and more efficiently. Benefits of going green are no longer just about saving the earth but also about saving money.

The benefits of going green are many and varied. The most important however is obviously saving the earth. This is after all the main reason for going green. Man’s activities have led to environmental degradation and global warming. There is a lot of pollution, destruction of ecosystems which destroys the natural balance. Going green is likely to stop the destruction of the earth and to some extent undo some of the damage.

Another one of the benefits of going green is saving your health. Pollution and the activities of man that cause global warning expose us human being to several health risks. We are exposed to dangerous chemicals and gases that are detrimental to health. Studies have shown effects such as reduced IQ in children, chronic defects and behavioral issues. Going green ensures we limit the negative effects caused by environmental degradation.

One of the very popular benefits of going green is cost savings. Going green involves conserving energy and water which under normal circumstances translates into cost savings. People are encouraged to adopt practices like turning off water taps, using energy saving light bulbs and updating home appliances to more energy saving ones. Recycling is also encouraged and this does translate into some cost saving. Going green also involves finding cheaper energy sources.

There are other more selfish benefits of going green. Going green has the by-product of creating a sense of inner satisfaction and feeling of well-being. It is gratifying to feel that your small efforts are in some way going to help save the earth. It is everybody’s responsibility to ensure that we leave a livable world for future generations.

Many businesses are going green because they have realized the great potential this movement has for their business. Some people are now in the business of trying to invent and inventing green technologies. Some companies will not do business with companies that have not gone green. It therefore becomes good business to go green. There is also a huge market and great growth potential for green products.

It is absolutely essential for everyone to go green and to adopt it as a way of life. The benefits of going green are not just for us, but our future generations.