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Knowing Our Environment

Environment Conservation - Every Little Bit Helps

Not just environment conservation but planet conservation is what we need. One day without one there won't be the other. It’s difficult to control certain aspects of the environment, for example wildlife in the cities where progress has created an alien environment for some wildlife. They however, adjust, but for some reason humans won’t compromise and continue with the destruction of our wildlife along with the planet.

With the many conservation societies and leagues, governmental and state or provincial wide conservationists, shouldn’t the environment be in good hands, Or is there too much to do for the limited amount of personnel? Or possibly it is the age old boundary, lack of funds.

There are a few pristine lakes still around, most of the rainforests have gone, and the livestock and wildlife with them. The trees are losing ground, even with replants, a 150 year old tree can never be replaced in our lifetime, and who knows what will happen with environment conservation in the future. Unless we as a world community do something, conservation might just as well fly out the window.

There are some wonderful web sites about the environment and conservation, with great photos of what we still have the chance to save. However, global warming is having its affects on environmental conservation. The Polar Bears for instance, as their living conditions deteriates. Their ice packed homelands are now gradually depleting with the warming syndrome. Conservation of aquatic life is becoming more difficult as more oil spills plague the seas. It seems nothing much gets done about that either, a slap on the wrist, go back to the sea.

Environment conservation has to be a work of everyone, and every industry. Technology has gone so far. Why can’t such advancements be made with industry? They have robots painting cars and putting together intricate details in the vehicles, but can't find ways to snuff out pollution.

There are among the many societies, certain movements that work as a social and environmental movement seeking to protect plant, animal and habitat as well as conservation of the earth for the future. These movements, political in some instances, are more far-reaching for the protection of the environment than are the ‘experts’ in certain ministries. In many parts of the world, environment conservation includes government land set aside for natural areas, re-growth forests, parks and wildlife habitats.

As wildlife and city dwellers learn, or try to learn, to live with each other, others are adamant about destroying anything that gets in the way of their success. If it means eliminating a park or two in order to construct a thirty story building, then so be it.

Unfortunately it takes more effort than people are willing to input in order to protect the comparably small amount of land left to protect. At times, the majority is more in favour of the progress than the consequences. In the meantime, the conservationists will fight on, and who knows, one day may win.

So why not go online and find out as much as possible about environment conservation. Don’t underestimate your small contribution, as the saying goes, every little helps. Believe that.