Environment Facts

Knowing Our Environment

Catch-Up Time for What is Going Horribly Wrong on Earth

Humankind is alone on a planet travelling through time and space, and as far as we know there are no alien creatures out there that will come to assist us after we have wrecked our natural environment and have begun dying off. There is no undo button on a great computer somewhere in the sky – we either face up to environment facts and do something about them, or be cursed by future generations for the harm our generation has done. Time for talk is over and it is time for us to act.

In the past 50 years the threats to our existence that lurk in industrial pollution have significantly increased. These contaminated substances spreading like cancer through our environment are damaging the fragile eco-systems on which all species on our planet depend for life. The spread of noise, air, land and water pollution is not only unpleasant to behold. It is also leading to the proliferation of respiratory and eye diseases, and some forms of cancer too.

Deforestation is spreading at an alarming rate, reducing the planet’s capability to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. The United States has just 4% of its natural forests left over, while the implications of China’s and India’s development programs are too vast to comprehend. In Europe, it seems sometimes as it nobody cares, as we continue to build more motorways and buy more cars.

These are some of the most pressing environment facts that are being compounded at an alarming extent right now:

The carbon monoxide gases produced in alarming quantities by fuel-inefficient motor cars are a major contributor to the environmental air pollution problem, and yes is no viable plan in place to address this.

Other greenhouse gases including methane and nitrous oxide are continuing to add to global warming, while world leaders are so preoccupied with local politics that they cannot even openly discuss a plan.

The ozone layer that protects us from the devastating heat of the sun has already been depleted by chlorofluorocarbon gases. Ice is melting at the poles at an exceptional rate – yet not a single coastal city has a viable plan for what to do as the levels of the oceans gradually rise.

The productive value of the soil on which we rely for our food has been damaged permanently by pesticides that enter our bodies as we take our nourishment. Safe drinking water is just a dreamed-of resource for the vast proportion of human inhabitants and there is no longer enough for everybody as the world’s population continues to explode.

Does this sound like an exaggeration of the current situation? If so you could be right. It is however a conservative description of the world that our children are inheriting, and I think that they deserve more. Why don’t you face up to these harsh environment facts, and lobby your government to do something about them right now.