Environment Global Warming

Knowing Our Environment

"The amount of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere is already above the threshold that can potentially cause dangerous climate change. We are already at risk...It's not next year or next decade, it's now." (Tim Flannery, climate change expert)

Environmental global warming. This is a scary statement when you read the above quote! But with the increase in the average temperature of earth’s atmosphere as each year goes by, it seems more atmospheric disasters happen and in more ferocious attacks. Climate disasters are being blamed on global warming. Flooding happening in parts of the world that normally live under drought conditions, tropical storms and hurricanes, it seems every day on the news you will hear of a new climate related disaster.

It is reported that in recent decades the Arctic Sea ice has shrunk. This was determined by a panel of United Nations climate scientists who blame it on greenhouse gases from the burning of fossil fuels in industry, plus the pollution from the ever increasing traffic. Environmental global warming is a fact, not another world collaboration of science fiction. It is affecting the earth in serious ways and together with pollution, the earth is dying a slow choking death.

You might have noticed the climates are slowly changing, for instance, summer seems to be getting shorter, starting earlier in the year, fall and winter frequently blend into one season, as the fall seems colder than it used to be. The heat in summer gets hotter in some regions and others don’t get as much as they are used to. The snow is melting in Iceland and surrounding areas, glaciers that have taken centuries to build are melting creating rivers and mountain streams to flood. Whatever the atmosphere is handing out to the earth it isn’t doing it much good.

Though at times it doesn’t seem so, the planet is getting warmer, the result of environment global warming. This is the whole premise of global warming. The inconsistencies and neglect of protecting and caring for our environment has deeply affected the surface and atmosphere of the earth seriously damaging our eco system and bringing the destruction of this planet closer and closer.

Do you ever wonder what it was like before humans, in great mobs, moved in and took over with their development; race for best vehicle, race to the moon? A place that was doing just fine with what it had. Life was more simple, cleaner, people worked hard for the worth of their land and livestock, wildlife were left where they were meant to be and were hunted only for the purpose of needed food. Plants grew in abundance and weeds weren’t weeds but medication and food.

Gradually, over the centuries man has become more selfish in allowing themselves to share this green planet, (that almost isn’t anymore) and subsequently, the industry and commercial industries have gradually changed what once was pristine and beautiful into something in many instances ugly and it is getting more serious with each passing day. Now, environmental global warming and pollution endangers life itself.

So, having said all this, and considering the dangers that global warming are threatening us with, it isn’t too late to start trying to at prolong the life of the planet. Don't you feel it is time to think about future generations and what they could are going have to deal with?