Environment Pollution

Knowing Our Environment

The environment is the condition or circumstance surrounding something or someone. Earth gives us all we need to live comfortably but we end up harming it. Environment pollution is getting worse as days go by and we are interfering with the balance that exists in the ecological systems and in the process spoiling our water and food sources.

The natural beauty that the earth used to have is fast disappearing. The same environment that we expect to get food and water from has become a dumpsite for all our waste products. Compared with years that have passed, environment pollution has largely increased.

There is a variety of problems that are affecting the world today. Globalization is on the move and natural processes have made global issues out of local problems. Some of these problems include air pollution, acid rain, overpopulation, smog, hazardous waste, ozone depletion etc. Toxins and smog from industrial areas and vehicles have filled the air that we breathe in.

Human life is put in danger by the elements of environment pollution. The situation is very serious with one of five people dying yearly as a result of issues brought about by pollution.

Of all the environment pollution issues the most dangerous to human life is the greenhouse effect. This is an effect that causes abnormal climate characteristics that end up bringing about extreme weather conditions. Some areas get floods while others lack water. There are millions of people who have been displaced by floods and on the other hand, there are millions who have died because of the lack of water.

Most of our environmental problems are growing because they are feeding on the lack of knowledge of today’s generations. Most of these issues are related to improper energy resources use. People are not aware of the need for conserving energy and recycling it. To address environment pollution, people should reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere. There should be a control of the industrial activities that poison water bodies and the discouragement of projects that catalyze the global warming process. There should be laws put in place to govern the cutting down of trees. Deforestation must be controlled and there should be trees planted to compensate for the felled ones. All these will reduce pollution in all its forms: water, air and land pollution.

It is possible to reduce environment pollution by decreasing the strain on the environment. This can be achieved by recycling. There are a lot of devices and items that are recyclable. We should use organic fertilizers in place of chemical fertilizers that affect our lands. We should choose recycled paper over virgin paper because this will encourage the recycling of papers and consequently reduce the cutting down of trees. People should turn to renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy. This will considerably reduce the greenhouse effect brought about by fossil fuels. A pollution-free environment is the best you can do to appreciate what earth our home, gives us for free.