Environmental Air Pollution

Knowing Our Environment

ENVIRONMENTAL AIR POLLUTION - is it destroying our world?

Yes, this writer feels it is destroying the planet. Environmental air pollution hangs in the air, uninvited yet very much nurtured, like a dreaded black cloud. Some cities are dying in this yellow cloud, the peaks of the tall buildings mysteriously disappearing into the toxic waste. It positions itself over cities and never moves, just gets dirtier and bigger. Even the breeze, what you can feel of it, doesn’t dissipate the contamination.

Upon leaving a major city on the West Coast via sea, sitting at the rear looking back at the city, the strip of pollution over the city and surrounding areas was deep yellow to dirty orange, it was miles wide and miles high. It was hovering in gigantic profusion looking ready to absorb the landscape like an alien monster, the blue sky above it reminding us of what used to be. This is what our world is coming to, or being lost to.

There are ways to help this environmental air pollution problem. It will take centuries to return it, if it ever can be returned, to its pristine condition. However, a little help here and there and it can at least be slowed down. It would be too much to ask to think it could disappear altogether. If we removed all vehicles, or manufactured only electric, if we eliminated all freighters that dropped oil and garbage into the ocean, if we could train normal people to do their part, if, if, if.

It doesn’t sound as though it would be a difficult task to help clean up the planet if each person did their small part. Dumping garbage and contributing to filthy air pollution speaks not only of the people that commit this offence, but others become included in their group by generalization. Environmental air pollution is a serious problem for this planet. And something serious needs to be done to clean this mess up.

There aren’t very many places left in the world where one can go to avoid air pollution. Even the pristine and serene areas are being invaded by human destruction and inconsideration with the damage that is being done to the environment. It’s a pity that those who put us here can’t just eliminate those that pollute without thought or consideration, maybe send them off into space to view the earth from above. Without a space suit, and no spaceship!

Asides aside, this planet is in serious trouble and environmental air pollution seems to be at a standoff in that the upper echelon is not interested in adhering to, or upholding the laws they set. The earth is running out of space for garbage dumping, the fumes filter into the air as the garbage piles up and garbage doesn’t disintegrate.

Recycling is a great option for assisting with cleaning up the planet and environmental air pollution. Most city garbage routes these days have a recycling day, contribute, recycle. Don’t flush oil and toxins down the drain, the fumes permeate the air, kill the wildlife, and then it joins that big yellow cloud that is your life support. If you haven’t noticed the cloud over your city, just leave town for a while, go about ten or fifteen miles away and look back. It might surprise you, and when you realize you breath that environmental mess, it might give you pause for thought about the little you can do to lessen it.