Environmental Health Issues

Knowing Our Environment

Now you need more than the Air that you Breathe

The ever-widening spread of pollution in the atmosphere has been associated by scientists with increasing health issues worldwide. The commonest of these environmental health issues are respiratory problems that include chronic lung disease and asthma too. As research continues to unfold, scientists are discovering new links to cancers, brain disorders and tumors, and increases in hyperactivity, social dysfunction and other behavior disorders in children as well. This in turn gives rise to questions regarding what kind of future order we are creating, as we continue to pollute our fragile world.

These developments are cause for especial concern. This is because so many of the common causes of environmental disease have found their way into the water, air and soil on which we rely for our existence, nay survival as a species. For this reason, it is seldom if at all possible to isolate the specific points from which particular infections spread, or to eliminate them either. As a result, the reasons behind many deadly outbreaks of secure acute respiratory syndrome and E.Coli may remain a mystery for ever. If ever there were a time bomb ticking somewhere, then this is it.

When contagious diseases like these break out there is the immediate threat of a widespread epidemic for which there may be insufficient medication for a particular strain. Government networks across the globe are as well prepared as possible for events like this, and have thus far managed to contain potential disasters. Who knows what might happen if these measures fail to be of any effect, and city folk are left to their own measures cowering at home, as was the case with mediaeval Black Death.

The perils arising from environmental health issues are even graver when little children and elderly people are involved. This is because the former have yet to develop resistance, and the immune systems of the latter are run down. Exposure of mothers of unborn children to pesticides, lead components and carcinogens may even infect them with auto-immune deficiencies, cancers and neurological disorders too. To make things even worse for little children, poisons used around the house and pesticides applied to growing crops may cause dysfunctional central nervous systems too.

Every year that we sit back and watch the girdle of ozone around the earth deplete, we continue to allow dangerous ultraviolet rays to affect people everywhere in many ways. This adds to the impact of air pollutants and carcinogens too, and the spread of environmental diseases like asthma and many cancers as well.

Although the current proliferation of environmental health issues has sparked renewed debate in government everywhere, it is time for citizens to up the cudgel too, and use their power of vote to force administrations to take things more seriously. Only when politicians experience the sanction of their losing power because of their stance on the environment will we begin to see real progress that may eventually guarantee our continued survival on the fragile planet we call Earth.