Environmental Issues In The News

Knowing Our Environment

Environmental Issues In The News - How important are they?

Almost everyday there are environmental issues in the news. We read about them in the newspapers and most of us have probably watched video documentaries on these issues. Yet, all this information is useless if we do not really understand the threats that are facing the environment today. Below are a few environmental issues in the news that need to be addressed for the sake of our planet and healthy living.

Most scientist and environmentalists will agree that the greatest threat to man’s existence is global warming (the greenhouse effect) or climate change. Environmental research that is backed up by captured satellite images of the polar ice caps confirm that these caps are melting and thus resulting in increased sea levels and extreme changes in weather patterns. There is a wildfire widespread and an increase in heat waves and drought. The intensity and the frequency of typhoons and hurricanes are on the rise. Humans are threatened health-wise by the rising levels of epidemics and climate sensitive diseases.

There are also reported cases of people in large regions that have suffered from pandemics due to environmental changes. There are notable pandemics such as Malaria, Swine flu, Avian flu, SARS, Influenza, Cholera, and Typhus just to mention a few. According to studies conducted by environmentalists, there are environmental changes that contribute a great deal to the spread of such diseases which usually originate from animals and spread later to the human population.

Another one of the environmental issues in the news frequently is about endangered species. There is a rapid planetary change that is caused by different human activities. There is human overpopulation that is damaging natural habitats and ecosystems. Factories have poisoned water bodies by draining their toxic wastes into rivers and other water sources. This has reduced marine life and given rise to new plants that suffocate aquatic life. Most of the endangered species are a result of illegal trapping, illegal hunting or over hunting. This happens because the involved plants and animals do not have ample time to re-populate and find themselves on the verge of extinction.

Another complex problem touching on environmental issues in the news is overpopulation. Critics have it that we are closing in on the sustainable capacity of this planet. This is a result of increased birth numbers, low mortality rates and immigration. Overpopulation also results in many other problems starting with poverty which translates to violence or war due to the limited resources. It is expected that by the year 2050 the population of the earth will be more than 9 billion which is a great increase from the current 6.5 billion. The increase in population means that there will be probably be increased pollution and destruction of natural habitats to create room for the extra people.

The only key to unlock awareness is proper education. We are not saying that people should not give birth or trees should not be cut, the important thing here is control. Everything should be done humanly possible to avoid extinction of species and extreme climate changes.