Environmental Problems

Knowing Our Environment


There is a long list of environmental problems. A list that humans have collectively built, a list of what could be considered deadly, things that are destroying the planet. This list needs to be eliminated one entity at a time. As we built this list, it is up to us to break it down and eradicate it.

At the top of this list, which is in alphabetical order, is Acid deposition. This is a practical name given to acid rain, acid mist, and acid fog. These contribute greatly to the pollution of the earth. Air pollution, as everyone is aware, is caused by vehicle emission and industry.

Environmental disasters create environmental pollution problems such as oil spills, and smoke pouring out of industries massive chimneys does nothing to help solve the problem. The list goes on but it too long for this article.

Logging off so much land can cause environmental problems in the natural habitat. Transforming good agricultural land into residential zoning is not good for the environment when there is so little land left to spare. Then there is the ozone layer, this causes the earth to get warmer, which creates havoc with glaciers in the colder climates. Consequently, it passes on the problems by creating greater disasters on the planet, such as floods and other natural phenomena.

This earth is full of toxins and pollutants, substances that can harm humans, animals and the environment alike. Land waste situations can create environmental problems with contaminated food wasting away, rotting, and polluting the air. Pollution of the environment is basically anything that is introduced into the environment that is harmful or toxic and has disagreeable effects on everyone and anything alive.

One of the great slogans for everyone to contribute is “recover, reuse, and recycle”. By recycling and allowing the used plastic bottles and similar trash to once again become useful items. Have you seen those black strips of rubber at railroad crossings? Some of those, most in fact, are made from recycled rubber and plastic. So your part does do some good. The environmental problems will get better if everyone does a small part.

There are still hidden coves and places undisturbed by man, pristine lakes and clean, clear woodlands, wild life that live in contentment and unafraid. However, those places will soon be gone. Man continues to invade every speck of the planet, without thought to the consequences. The major environmental problem is caused from this disruption of earth. If it were to slow down a little, stop even, maybe the planet would have a better chance of survival.

Although time is running out for this earth, there is still time to put a stop to it all. You can find all about things you can do to help the environment online. Even your local city hall or chamber of commerce will probably have any information you would like. It’s a big job to clean up, but if every capable person did one small thing a day, like pick up a discarded bottle, or fast food cartons laying in the park, and put them in the appropriate garbage or recycling can, things would change for the better in a short period. So, be sure and do your part to contribute.