Environmental Protection Agency

Knowing Our Environment

Environmental Protection Agency - What do they do?

The environment belongs to no particular person and this perhaps is the reason why there is so much environmental degradation occurring. There are a lot of things that the environment has to be protected from, most of which are as a result of human actions and interference.

There are many activities that we get involved in to try and improve our lives, but what we don’t understand is that we are destroying the very basic environment that supports that life. Everybody would like to have a clean environment, clean drinking water and clean air but no one really cares about how this can be achieved. From burning fossil fuel to draining toxic waste in our water bodies, we all have a role to play in environmental degradation. This is where an environmental protection agency comes in.

Most countries have an environmental protection agency put in place. The work of the agency is to make laws that will ensure that the environment remains protected from the very same people it should benefit from. There are different things that the agencies is concerned with and we will look at a few of these and how the agency protects or tries to protect them.

Water: water is as important as life itself and thus the saying that water is life. Water pollution comes mainly from toxic water producing companies that do not have a treatment plant to detoxify the waste before draining it into water bodies. The toxic waste damages aquatic plants as well as animals causing an imbalance of a certain degree in nature. The other way that water is polluted is through excess use of chemical fertilizers and insecticides that affect the ground water. A country's environmental protection agency makes sure that laws prohibiting companies from draining waste into rivers are enforced. It also creates awareness about organic fertilizer which are as effective as chemical fertilizers but do not contaminate ground water.

Air is another important aspect of life. Without air there would be no life on earth. The problem is that there are a lot of activities that are being done on the face of the earth that are poisoning the same air that we breathe to survive. The use of fossil fuel is one major contributor to air pollution. There are a lot of factories and automobiles that contribute to high levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Greenhouse gases are the major reason why there is global warming which is causing undesirable climate changes that are adversely affecting the environment. A good environmental protection agency is in the forefront of campaigns to sensitize the use of alternative energy which will reduce the green house effect. The alternative energy sources are wind energy and solar energy.

The other work of an environmental protection agency is to protect the ecosystem. There is a rise in illegal hunting or over hunting which will eventually lead to extinction of some animal species if left unaddressed. The agency ensures that there are laws that are governing wildlife reserves and game parks so as to prevent human encroachment in natural habitats.