Global Environmental Problems

Knowing Our Environment

Top Global Environmental Problems

The environment is responsible for providing us with a multitude of resources that we use to manufacture products and make a living with. Without the environment, the human population and all life that the environment supports would fail to exist. As such, it falls on to each and every person to take responsibility in caring for our environment. Failure to do so results in a number of environmental problems, most of which have a global effect. There are quite a number of global environmental problems and those listed in this article are just a few on the most important in a very huge list.

One of the worst global environmental problems is that of the melting glaciers. Like most global environmental problems, the glacier situation has been triggered by the global warming effect. In the Southern Hemisphere, glaciers are melting at such an astonishing rate that a number of scientists are worried that very soon there won’t be any skiing resorts whatsoever in the southern regions. Melting of glaciers contributes to a number of other global environmental problems including rising sea levels which threaten coastal cities as well as increase in turbulent weather phenomena such as hurricanes and tornadoes.

One of the most cited global environmental problems is the drying up of Mesopotamian marshlands. In the Middle East, it is estimated that well over 90% of marshland area has dried up in a period of only 3 decades. This is quite worrying as the Mesopotamian wetlands are the largest wetland areas in the Middle East.

Another global environment problem is that of megacities. As the human population continues to increase at alarming rates, governments all over the world are straining to accommodate the population boom. Megacities refer to cities such as Mexico which are suffering from overpopulation. Overpopulation has quite a number of environmental consequences. As depicted by Mexico, one of these problems is that of sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide pollution. Mexico is often quoted, in this regard, as being one of the most populated cities.

One of the worst global environmental problems is that of desertification and lack of freshwater access. Desertification has already shown signs in numerous locations all over the world. For instance, the Gobi Desert was noted to have increased in size by about 52 400 km in 1999. Moreover, the environment as well as human population are under threat from fast-advancing deserts.

Freshwater access is one of the potential global environmental problems that might occur should no change happen in environmental pollution. As has been noted, the Middle East wetlands have already decreased in numbers. Moreover, there is an acute shortage of water in the region. Furthermore, the destruction of fresh-water zones which lie between conflict regions further worsen this global environmental problem.