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Green Initiatives - Can You Help

In the past few years, there has been a lot of discussion about conserving the environment. The onset of global warming made this frenzy even bigger. Green initiatives are basically affirmative actions proposed to be taken in order to conserve the environment. In other words, green initiatives are proposed ways of finding alternatives to the lifestyles that end up destroying the environment.

Green living is one such idea. This pertains to finding ways of avoiding using things that pollute the environment. For instance, solar panels and wind mills have been used as a source of energy. This has been adopted by cities like Abu Dhabi which is working towards fully utilizing the hot sun in the city as their main source of energy. Green living, as part of the green initiatives put forward, also includes green gardening. This involves the use of animal manure as fertilizers in the garden instead of the manufactured kind which negatively affects the environment. Animal fertilizer is easily and harmlessly assimilated into the soil and taken up by the plant without causing much damage to the water bed underneath. Green gardening also involves the use of native plants instead of hybrids. This is because native plants allow you to use animal manure as fertilizer quite effectively and barely need the use of pesticides since their defense systems are tough enough to protect them.

The other green initiative put forward is using hydroelectrically powered machines in industries. This will avoid production of toxic fumes since water does not produce any harmful gases. It also preserves energy and saves up on cost of fuel since water is cheaply available. Also proposed to help in conservation is the use of biogas in homes where possible. Gas used for cooking, though not clearly visible and can barely be smelt does produce gaseous fumes to the environment. Biogas can be used as its alternative though it may be limited to homes with livestock or located close to livestock as it is made from their fecal waste.

Green initiatives also include encouraging the use of sewerage treatment plants. This is to avoid dumping of human and animal waste into water bodies or close to water ways hence polluting the water. With these kinds of plants being used, the water is somewhat safe. Also, instead of dumping garbage that cannot decompose, people are encouraged to have separate bags for recyclable garbage and get it recycled. These initiatives have also been encouraging growing of trees. The general atmosphere has been made impure by the various fumes released into it by industries and vehicles. Trees can help in cleaning up most of the carbon dioxide and aerate the atmosphere. They may not be fully effective but can play a great role.

Green initiatives therefore do not necessarily require a whole multitude of tasks to put them into effect. As clearly illustrated, most of these initiatives could start being put in place at home. They involve what each individual can do on their own to help keep the world clean and green.