Greenhouse Effect Facts

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Getting the Right Greenhouse Effect Facts

When most people hear the term “greenhouse effect”, they tend to associate it to global warming. While this may be so, it is not the only reason why the term is constantly mentioned. It is necessary for one to get the correct greenhouse effect facts so as to avoid being misinformed.

The term “greenhouse effect” refers to the warming effect brought about by greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases have been proven to trap solar radiation in the lower atmosphere. Without these gases, the earth would not be as warm as it is. In fact, it would not be able to support any form of life. It is important to differentiate greenhouse effect facts from those that are purely myth. Here are some of the common greenhouse effect facts.

Many people believe that greenhouse gases are artificially produced by the industrial process. This is just a partial variation of the fact. While the human industrial process may indeed be contributing to the large amount of greenhouse gases, these gases are also naturally produced. Greenhouse gases have been around long before the industrial process. As mentioned, the greenhouse gases are responsible for warming the earth thus fostering life. Thus, human industrial processes are not wholly responsible for producing these gases.

One of the most important greenhouse effect facts deals with the composition of the greenhouse gases. The common greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. Moreover, new gases such as synthetic fluorinated gases have been found to constitute an increasingly large percentage of total composition. As industries continue to evolve, they have taken to using fuels that produce these synthetic gases.

When thinking about the greenhouse effect facts, one should not neglect the overall effect on the earth. Of late, the significance of the greenhouse effect has come to be at the forefront of environmental debates. As the greenhouse gases continue to rise, the global temperature increases accordingly. Carbon dioxide, in particular takes, slightly over a third of the total composition of these gases. Synthetic gases are proving more of a problem due to their high resistance to degradation/disintegration. This has resulted in some of the highest global temperatures in the world’s recorded history.

The polar ice caps are melting. This is, perhaps, the most crucial of the greenhouse effect facts. As global temperatures continue to rise, the ice caps in the Polar Regions have seen a dramatic decrease. Moreover, the ice caps in mountains have been melting for several years. It is estimated that in just a few years, there won’t be any snow on these mountains. As the snow on mountains and Polar Region’s ice caps continue to decrease, the sea level is on the rise. This poses a potential risk to all low-lying coastal towns.

The greenhouse effect is increasingly becoming one of the world’s biggest problems. If steps are not taken and implemented quickly, it may eventually lead to the world’s downfall. Thus, it becomes necessary for one to have the right greenhouse effect facts in order to take protective steps.