Helping The Environment

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Helping The Environment - Little things mean a lot

There are things that you can do that will go a long way in helping the environment and will not cost you much more than time. Most of these will involve changing a few aspects of your lifestyle without any additional wallet strains. Many of these things will make you feel healthier and mentally satisfied knowing you have played your part in helping the environment. Below are easy things you can do at home to help the environment and make a pollution-free world.

The first thing you should do is to turn off lights that are not in use. You can reduce your electrical bills by 10% if you use florescent bulbs in place of light bulbs. You can have motion sensors installed in rooms to ensure that the lights are turned on when needed and off when they are not.

If you are interested in helping the environment you should also set your air conditioner at one temperature and leave it. Reducing power consumption at home should include reducing the energy consumed by the air conditioner and the heating system. These are the two major energy users in a home. You should set your AC temperature to stop running when the temperature is comfortable. You should also turn it off completely if you are outside the house. This is the same for the heating system, especially during the winter season.

Look around the house and remove any appliance that is not in use from power. There are electrical appliances that are not used often but are always plugged into the power outlet. Many of these have digital clocks that run throughout the day and night.

Reducing the temperature in your hot shower system and purchasing shower heads with low flows and cisterns with reduced consumption of water can do their part in helping the environment. Try reducing the water that goes to waste when washing cars. Instead of using a hose, try using a damp cloth as much as possible and then dry wipe it. The car will still be as clean as it would have been but the difference is you have saved a lot of water. Saving water is a big step in helping the environment and also saving a lot of money that otherwise goes into bills.

All houses contribute a lot to creating garbage. You should make sure that you reduce the garbage by reusing or recycling. You can also transfer the garbage to a compost heap and reduce the garbage that has to be disposed. This can create a great organic fertilizer for your garden and consequently reduce the damage caused by chemical fertilizers.

Cars have become part of our lifestyle but you should know that every time you drive you are contributing to the undoing of the environment. If you are determined to be in the fight for helping the environment, then you really need to consider walking when going on short trips and carpooling to work. This will not only reduce air pollution but give your body the exercise it much needs and deserves.