How does Recycling Help

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How does Recycling Help The Environment

There has been a lot of talk lately about global warming and the destruction of the environment by man’s activities. This has led to a movement that is gaining a great deal of attention and membership. This is the ‘go green’ movement. The aim of going green is to stop the destruction of the earth and to reverse some of the damage that has already been wrought on the earth.

One of the things that people should do under going green is recycling. Recycling is basically reusing materials. The aim of recycling is mainly to reduce waste. The idea of recycling is not a new one. In fact, history records instances where recycling was carried out particularly in times of scarcity of resources.

The question therefore arises, how does recycling help? One way recycling helps is by reducing consumption of the earth’s resources. A major reason for global warming is the destruction of forests by felling of trees. Trees are the raw material used in making paper. If for example paper is recycled, it helps in saving the forests. An important thing to note is that the destruction of forests by man is getting rid of the natural habitat of animals and plant species that are quickly becoming extinct.

How does recycling help? Recycling also reduces the amount of garbage that is being produced from homes and offices. The direct result of this is the reduction of the huge landfills made for the sole purpose of disposing the garbage.

How does recycling help? Because we are recycling, there is less need for energy to be used to produce new products. Most of the energy used in the manufacture of items such as glass bottles and plastics are fossil fuels like petroleum which need to be conserved as much as possible.

How does recycling help? Reduced manufacturing of items will also help save the environment. Manufacturing plants are amongst the biggest culprits in emitting green house gases that are the main cause of global warming. Recycling reduces manufacturing levels and in turn the levels of green house gases being emitted into the atmosphere.

Some of the items we use in our day to day lives are harmful if not disposed of properly. So how does recycling help? Recycling of items like computers and other electronic devices may prevent the leakage of harmful materials and chemicals like lead into the environment. If they get into environment, they may end up in water bodies and even in our food and will have harmful effects on our health. It is a good idea to use electronics for as long as we can so that we do not have to get rid of them too often.

Should anyone pose to you the question how does recycling help, simply tell them that it reduces waste.