How To Help The Environment

Knowing Our Environment

Five Things That We All Should Do

Despite what many people think, living healthier more caring lives is good for us in many other ways as well. These include loving the spaceship we call Earth and caring for the gifts of Mother Nature that keep us happy and alive. Read on to discover how to help the environment in five easy ways, after you make the decision that you really do care.

Trees are absolutely vital for our survival because they manufacture the oxygen without which we would all be dead. They also provide protection from the baking sun, and are a source of many delicious fruits. Yet as a species we continue chopping them down as if there were no tomorrow, and turning them into cheap consumer goods that get thrown away. Why not reverse the trend and plant a few trees? The sooner you do this, the sooner you could be sitting in their shade.

Make the environment your friend by spending time outside in it and exploring the wondrous gifts of Mother Nature. When you realize just how perfect everything is, you will easily resolve to stop using pesticides that destroy the balance that keeps everybody alive. Did you know that planting basil, mint, chives and marigolds in your garden and bringing sprigs inside will keep the flies away, and that ladybugs are the finest gardener’s friend? Learning how to help the environment can be as almost as much fun as following up and doing it as well.

A scary amount of what we use ends up in landfill sites and garbage dumps while even more pollution is caused by replacing it. The government is trying hard to encourage recycling and all that is needed is for everybody to comply. Put your paper, glass, plastic and metals into the handy bins that they provide, and start a competition with the neighbors to see who puts out the least unsorted garbage for collection.

Because water is still so relatively cheap this does not mean that it is in abundant supply everywhere. Moreover it is one of the few things that we cannot live without and it is impractical to manufacture too. If you are still wondering how to help the environment easily then fix those dripping taps, install low-flow shower heads and toilets, and recycle the bathwater to the garden.

Our precious planet is groaning under the pressure of pollution, and this burden is getting worse every day. Instead of sitting watching television this weekend, why not do something radical and take the whole family for a walk out in the countryside or along the beach. They will kick and scream until you bribe them with their favorite foods, after they fill up carry bags with papers lying everywhere.

There are so many ways to love our planet, and discovering how to help the environment does not need to be a chore. Resolve to do something today, and then pick the idea that seems the greatest fun to you. Doing things right should be a pleasure, not a pain. Enjoy.