How to Save Our Environment

Knowing Our Environment

Practical Steps on How to Save Our Environment

The greenhouse effect is a well known fact. However, it has been noted that while most people know the facts and the consequences of the greenhouse effect, few are taking an active part in conservation measures. Our environment is responsible for supporting all forms of life, not just ours. By simply doing nothing to help save our environment, we are, in effect, taking an active part in destroying our source of life. As human beings, we benefit in several ways from the environment. We get our food from the environment, our shelter i.e. lumber, as well as our clothes i.e. wool. The environment is just as important now as it was several centuries ago. Thus, it is important that everyone takes an active part in saving the environment.

There are a number of ways in which the normal individual can play their part in the fight to save our environment. One should consider changing the mode of lighting in their place of residence. Studies indicate that if every household in the United States replaced their incandescent bulbs with the fluorescent alternatives, the amount of pollution reduced would be equivalent to decommissioning a million cars. The fluorescent bulb uses an eighth of the energy a normal incandescent bulb uses. Moreover, making the switch would save some money on power bills.

Another method that one can use to help save our environment is through water conservation. Each year, a lot of water goes to waste from leaking faucets and toilets. Moreover, a lot of water is left to waste from taps that are left open for several hours at a time. If one has a leaking faucet or toilet, they should get it fixed immediately. Furthermore, wasting water through taps that are left open should be avoided. Ensure that the taps are always closed after use. Water conservation is one of the most important steps that one can take in the fight to save our environment.

One of the most important goals in this fight is through planting trees. Every year, a lot of forest land is being cleared to make room for settlement purposes. Moreover, forests are suffering from illegal logging that has seen the extinction of several species of trees. The unique biological environments formed by these forests acts as the sustaining environment for several rare species of plant and wildlife. Thus, it is important for forest land to be conserved so as to save our environment.

Curbing soil pollution through using rechargeable batteries as opposed to disposable batteries is one other way that one may use to save our environment. Disposable batteries are often buried in the earth after they have fulfilled their use. This is risky as the batteries may leak acid into the soil thus contaminating the earth making it unsuitable for any type of plant life.

One should also try to save our environment by taking public transport or carpooling to work. Exhaust fumes contribute a significant amount of air pollutants to the environment. Besides making the atmosphere unhealthy, this contributes to the global warming effect. By organizing carpools instead of each individual driving their own car to work, the amount of pollutants released to the air would be significantly reduced. These are just some of the ways in which one can play an active part in conserving the environment.