How to Stop Air Pollution

Knowing Our Environment

How to Stop Air Pollution - and breathe better

Every day the environment faces a constant risk of being overrun with contaminants from pollution. Our ecosystem is at risk due to the industrial and physical activities that occur every day. The global warming effect has been a cause for concern for several years. It has been noted that through simple changes, we can all take an active part in saving our environment and our possibly our lives as well.

Pollution comes in all forms; soil, water and air are the most common forms. While there should be active conversation measures in place to reduce all these forms of pollution, the one which poses the greatest risk and thus deserves greater, immediate conservation measures is air pollution.

Air pollution affects us in a number of ways. It affects the air we breathe which can result in an early onset of lung and other breathing problems. Moreover, air pollution is largely responsible for the rise in greenhouse gases. This has resulted in higher global temperatures i.e. global warming. With all the consequences of this form of pollution, it becomes necessary for the average citizen to enlighten themselves on how to stop air pollution.

There are a number of approaches that one can implement on how to stop air pollution. These approaches vary in degree of implementation, with some being harder than others to implement. Perhaps one of the best means that one can choose on how to stop air pollution is through organizing carpools. Research indicates that about half of the air pollutants come from vehicles. Exhaust fumes from vehicles contribute a large amount of greenhouse gases. By organizing carpools or simply taking public transport, one can play an active part in reducing the amount of air pollutants they release into the environment. Moreover, one can choose to do their shopping from home instead of driving to the shopping mall.

While carpooling and public transport may be one of the best ways on how to stop air pollution, if one still insists on driving, then smart driving could help cut the amount of air pollutants they release into the air. Smart driving entails accelerating gradually as opposed to drastic acceleration, using the cruise control option, obeying speed limits as well as combining all errands to be done into one trip.

One other way that one may consider on how to stop air pollution is the use of air-friendly products. There are a number of products that we tend to use in our daily lives that may contribute to air pollution. These include aerosols, paint and lawnmowers. One should consider using aerosols that do not contribute in any way to the CFC concentration in the atmosphere. Moreover, one should consider using paint that is water-based, or otherwise contains low volatile organic compound concentrations. One should also use a push lawnmower or an electric version of the same so as to cut back on the pollutants it emits.

Performing a routine energy conservation check within one’s home is one of the best methods that one may use to curb air pollution. The check entails turning off all the lights in the house when not in use, using a fan instead of air conditioning, as well as using fluorescent lights. These steps will help reduce the energy that one’s home uses. Power plants burn fossil fuels in order to supply the energy required in one’s home.

There are many other methods available that one may choose on how to stop air pollution. The few listed here are just some of the more practical methods that can be easily implemented in one’s daily life.