How To Stop Water Pollution

Knowing Our Environment

How to Stop Water Pollution – Why not do your part

Water is a very important element in life. It has even been called life in itself. It therefore needs to be conserved in every possible way. In this day and age, there are so many ways that water can and is being polluted. To know how to stop water pollution, you first of all need to know how it is being polluted then so what you can to prevent that from happening..

One way that water is being polluted is through dumping of chemical substances into water sources. There are so many industries coming up these days all of which are supposedly meant to make life better and easier for everyone. However, in the manufacture of anything, there is bound to be a lot of toxic waste. Most industries avoid dumping in open fields and opt to drain their toxic wastes into rivers and oceans way out of everyone’s sight. This then infects the clean ocean and river water which is piped into cities, towns and eventually into homes. The only way that can be effective in stopping this kind of pollution in the less developed countries is having the government implement firm policies relating to industries treating their waste products without dumping them into water sources in the more developed countries, urban and industrial waste treatment plants are used.

The other kind of toxic waste that pollutes water is animal and human waste. Again, most of this ends up being dumped in water bodies or near water ways so when it rains, these wastes flow into the water. In actual fact, this kind of waste can disintegrate and become soil if disposed of in the right way. The animal waste can also be used as manure in farms instead of dumping it in the water bodies. This then can be easily stopped by ensuring that these wastes are disposed of on soil. So, how to stop water pollution is by use of sewerage treatment plants, mostly used in the more developed countries.

Another idea on how to stop water pollution is by avoiding the use of chemicals that contain high phosphate levels and where possible, use natural methods of controlling pests. This is to keep down the harmful use of fungicides, pesticides and other chemicals used around the home that seep deep into the soil and finally into the water bed. They can also run down into storm sewers and right into the main water ways.

Places like hair salons use hair coloring and other kinds of hair products that contain high levels of toxic chemicals. This water is then drained into pipes that lead to other bigger water ways and end up polluting the water. There are of course many other businesses both large and small who do the same thing.

Fertilizers and pest control on the farms and in the gardens are a very big factor in water pollutions. These people need to study and learn how to stop water pollution. There is much information on the internet and even books that can be purchase to suggest the correct ways to dispose of harmful waste products.

There are many facts available on how to stop water pollution. If everyone would do their small part to help the problem could be greatly reduce or even solved.