Human Impact On The Environment

Knowing Our Environment

A very testy subject. Humans should be taking care of what sustains them. But of course, there is always something more important to think about. But what can be more important than the survival of earth? As the environment shrinks in its goodness, what is taking over will eventually be the obliteration of what remains of this world.

Research on this subject is not necessary because so much comes to mind when you think about what people are doing to this environment. It is a constant battle of good and evil, an old scenario. Isn’t that what keeps you interested in a good novel, the ups and downs and twists and turns. Why then aren’t more interested in the movements of the environment that follow the same trend as a good novel. There are no ups anymore with issues of the environment, so human impact on the environment seems to be sucking the life from the planet.

Rain forests have shrunk to the minimum and the world is lucky there are still any left at all. With no regard for the wildlife living in those treasured places, they are slowly being destroyed. Once the human race has completely eradicated wildlife, ocean life, nature, and the earth is just a desolate planet consisting of hungry human beings, where do you go? So as time passes and nothing changes for the good, negative human impact on the environment continues to move ahead.

For all the destruction that is being displayed on a daily basis, an equal amount of positive impact could at least bring things to an even level. Then it would be easier for us to control or better the atmosphere and environment. It doesn’t matter how many people fight to save this planet with their logical ideas and offerings of replacements for polluting substances, it seems the manufacturers of these pollutants turn a blind eye. The production and income of their kingdom is more important to them.

Human impact on the environment is a sad situation. To the logical mind it doesn’t make sense. To the hungry mind it doesn’t enter into it. Whoever or whatever it was that planted us here in the first place, everyone has their own belief and that is respected, had no intention of watching the inhabitants of this planet, destroy it. Or maybe it’s a test to see just how long a planet can survive under a human focus.

If everything polluting were to stop tomorrow, it wouldn’t be that long before we could recuperate the air that was once clean. We could bring back the forests that fed that clean air. And fill the oceans once again with life along with seeing wildlife back where it is supposed to be. Is this just an impractical dream? Is it something that might happen in the next century, at which time the majority of us will no longer be here to reap those benefits.

The planet needs repairing, there are a million repair men and women out there in this dying earth that are good at repairing. So why don’t we turn our talents towards cleaning up the destructive human impact on the environment. Why is it such a hard battle to fight? If we could win each small battle, we will finally win the war.