International Environmental Issues

Knowing Our Environment

The environment isn’t just limited to where you live. It is something that the whole world is responsible for. Much of the activity on earth is creating a sorry environment. Pollution, in some countries is unrealistic; it seems everyone is involved in these international environmental issues.

Cities are lost in the smog, the tops of tall buildings can hardly be seen because of it. How can people continue to breathe this ‘air’? As well as water, air is the commodity we truly live by. Without it, how do you breathe? So besides concentrating on garbage, water pollution and earth ravaging, the most important issue should be clean air.

However, throughout the world things move on quickly. From day to day more it is more ravaging. Oil spills, contaminating unbelievable amounts of oceans and seas, killing much of the wildlife. A slap on the wrist and a fine that only touches the tip of their bank account is all the guilty suffer. In the meantime the innocent die. This includes humans. Why can’t society as a whole see the problem? We are all fighting the same battle. Where’s the army of support and concern with these international environmental issues that should be present?

People the world over suffer from disease, a lot caused from the environment. There are living conditions that could be improved if more people would get involved. It seems a selfish world, and the international environmental issues are not an issue with some. Fumes and gases drift across the sky on the breeze, from one country to another, tainting and killing as it goes. Instead of stopping it, it is encouraged by the use of diesel fuel, industry burning, and a serious natural enemy, forest fires. Most of these are created from the carelessness or inconsideration of humans.

In a world that is so capable of sustaining its entities, like countries, being self sufficient, the transportation of product and materials back and forth across the world, for no logical reason other than getting labour and materials cheaper, is totally defeating the issue of anything. Don’t you often say – ‘If I ruled the world’. What would you do if you did rule the world? How and where would you begin?

The international environmental issues are not going away. It has become international because there are people in the world who share the same desire to do something about the problem before it is too late. However, the journey they take trying to reach their goal often involves fighting tooth and nail for a small victory.

Technology is an amazing thing. It connects anyone anywhere in the world. If the advancement in that systematic communication world can be so easily achieved, why is it so hard to put the same amount of energy into cleaning up the one place in the universe that is your life sustenance. By not caring for this planet, and creating more and more international environmental issues one is only hurting themselves and their children's future in the long run. All the hard work and destruction being infiltrated into the planet is just a waste of time all the while no one cares about the condition and its sorry state. In the end, there will be nothing for anyone. So you say, ‘what is the point?’ Doesn’t it really entice you to clean up a little, just a little?