Land Pollution

Knowing Our Environment

LAND POLLUTION - Why is it happening

Land pollution is the fault of the human race. It is one of the biggest problems this planet is trying to deal with; it’s like the earth is choking and having a very difficult time breathing. It is only surviving, not living.

Contamination, industrial waste, dismissal of agriculture and unfortunately a disappointing type of progress, is not a legacy to preserve but rather to destroy. The more populated the world becomes the more polluted the earth gets. Land pollution is the consequence and continues to be the consequence of man’s disregard for where he lives.

The increase in traffic and industry, the destruction of forests all contribute to land pollution. The many toxins in the water that seep throughout the waterways soaking into the nearby land become a health hazard and can contaminate the drinking water. Land pollution also arises from litter. Trash might say biodegradable but there are places to take it, not along the side of the road. It seems insensitive when someone comes along and dumps their garbage by the road causing those who care more about the earth and what it looks like to have to come along and pick it up.

Land pollution in many cases develops from wrong usage of fertilizers and chemicals used to grow crops. After a while, just like a human, the earth becomes immune to the drug. However, the chemicals keep getting processed into the earth and further destroys it, the crops gradually fading. If a farmer would reconsider this destruction and turn to products that are more natural without ruining the soil for future plantings that can work just as well, this would help. This one step would contribute enormously to agricultural land pollution.

Reports show that mining has a great negative impact on the pollution of the earth, closed mines leave ruined land, polluted water and left over toxic chemicals. Some named toxins actually have the affect of killing fauna, aquatic life and other fatalities even in low concentrations.

There are other contaminants that derive from toxins including pest and ground herbicides that are used to kill weeds, bugs and other garden and crop pests. Insecticides also are health hazards but they continue to spray fruit and vegetables for human consumption with them. This all contributes to the land pollution we disregard and learn to live with.

When you think that the majority of land pollution is caused from human disregard, doesn’t it make you wonder why people would want to destroy on the one hand, yet fight to maintain a clean earth on the other? Industry has no qualms about putting toxins into the air that will eventually fall back to earth as a content of acid rain. Neither do they think about allowing water pollutants to flow in waterways and streams. But it seems they will spend millions of dollars repairing the damage they are doing without slowing down their production; industry still goes on.

Land pollution is a major concern and it would only take a small amount of thought, and seconds in a day to contribute to the clean up. Remember, glass, plastic and many other recyclables can be turned into something useful and not added to the ever growing land pollution.