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Each year, the amount of pollution that industries, cars and other vehicles produce, increases by a shocking amount. The pollution statistics are in and it seems that the human population is solely responsible for a number of fatalities in terms of pollution-related deaths. For example, in the United States alone, car emissions single-handedly cater for well over 30,000 deaths. While it is common knowledge that the carbon and sulphur emissions that come from car exhaust fumes are toxic, especially when inhaled for long periods of time, little has been done to reduce the staggering numbers recorded in pollution statistics. Aside from the removal of lead based fuel little else has been done to lower car exhaust fumes or their toxicity.

More on pollution statistics reveal that in the United States alone, over half the population live in areas that are deemed to have unsafe air for several days in the year. Breathing air that is contaminated with toxic pollutants may result in breathing complications, as well as other long-term diseases such as lung cancer. While the United States government has been struggling to regulate the quality of air available to its citizens, pollution statistics reveal that there is still a long way to go before this goal is ever achieved.

While some pollution statistics may seem insignificant, they are nevertheless important. For instance, statistics reveal that exhaust emissions from cars and other vehicles are much higher than those removed from power plants. While most may think of this figure as insignificant due to the overall “green” nature of most power plants, a side by side comparison in terms of toxic Nitrogen (IV) Oxide reveal a much different picture. For instance, in the year, power plants in Austin were noted to produce an average of 1700 tons of Nitrogen (IV) Oxide. On the other hand, car emissions in the same state totaled a staggering 30000 tons. Clearly, car emissions are the single biggest pollution statistic and the number whether small or large should be taken quite seriously.

In terms of which car gives out more emissions than the other, SUVs are at the top of the list. Several pollution statistic reports indicate that the average SUV produces at least 47% more pollutants in the form of carbon emissions than the average car. Moreover, such reports claim that buses and other vehicles that run on bio-diesel fuel are no better than ordinary buses, as both remove the same amount of emissions into the surrounding.

Pollution statistics should be taken seriously by the governments affected if the earth is to survive the effects of global warming that pollution is responsible for. It is only through appropriate, environmentally conservative methods that carbon and other toxic emissions can be reduced.

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