Protecting The Environment

Knowing Our Environment

Protecting the environment should be everyone’s responsibility and there are so many ways to accomplish this, but people just don’t pay attention. They don’t bother looking around and seeing the damage that is being done. If the world is coming to an end in 2012, it’s not surprising, the way things are going. However, that is another debate. The fact is we have to get down to business otherwise we’ll end up like Mars.

It could be such a simple procedure if everyone just did something, like not throw the garbage on the street or in the park, or clean up their exhaust that causes air pollution, don’t cut down so many trees, protect our waters. Marine protection is a huge part of the environment, considering 7/10 of the earth is water - that is so overpowering.

Protecting the environment includes the care of bogs and wetlands, oceans, rivers and lakes. All of these contribute to the living environment. Owners and operators of marine vessels, whether the largest or the smallest should be aware of the damage dumping into the ocean can do, and follow through with a little care on how they run their operations.

Garbage is everywhere, dumps are getting full, nothing is perishing because it’s not environmentally friendly, or biodegradable like plastic garbage bags and any other plastic container, these by the way can be recycled and made in to useful things. People are finding new ways to recycle and reuse all the time. Construction materials are being reused, paint isn’t being thrown down the drain or into the rivers, half full cans are being used by others. Fast food restaurants are turning more to paper products that can be recycled, we just have to put them in the right bins. Not much to ask for a little help cleaning up the earth.

Governments and organizations don’t clamber when it comes to protecting the environment to get things done. They come up with great ideas and rules, but rarely follow them through. You see signs on the highway about people littering being fined, but really, who pays attention, not many. Transport companies claim they have new rules about pollution but you still see trucks driving down the road puking black ugly something into the air. This is not protecting the environment.

Part of protecting the environment is our wildlife that is gradually being pushed from its natural habitat by imposing construction and useless waste of property. Consequently, because of human approach to the subject, the wildlife steadily dies, becoming extinct. Sounds bizarre doesn’t it, but that is what is happening. They are all a part of this precious environment that humans are desecrating.

There is a lot you can do, don’t just pass it off by saying ‘me doing anything won’t help’, because that’s the reason we are in this situation with so much concern about the environment. If people would turn that thought around and go, ‘well, my little will help’ and use the garbage can for the garbage, after a while it does help.

If the big corporations would not only do something themselves, but pressure their employees into taking better care of the environment that would be a big step in a positive direction. It is industry that is the biggest culprit. If each one person, did one small deed a day towards cleaning up and protecting the environment, maybe earth will have a chance.