Recycling Glass Bottles

Knowing Our Environment

Recycling Glass Bottles Saves Energy

Recycling can be described as re-using waste materials to reduce the need for the original. The waste material is used to make new products. Many types of products can be recycled from paper, cans, plastic and glass. Recycling is beneficial to the environment because it conserves resources, saves energy and reduces pollution levels.

Recycling glass bottles is one of the easiest types of recycling that can be done. Glass is one of the most recycled materials there is. It is important to note however that not all glass can be recycled. Glass such as pyrex, automobile glass, mirror glass, broken drinking glasses and laboratory or medical glass. It is said that recycling glass bottles uses almost half the energy it would take to make new glass. This is because the recycled glass melts at a lower temperature than the raw material used to make glass which results in energy saving. Paper is also recycled a great deal and by doing so saves many trees.

Recycling glass bottles has grown tremendously in the last few years due to the large amount of glass that is used daily. Glass is also a good material to recycle as it can be recycled over and over again and still be of good quality. Glass bottle recyclers should be very careful not to allow any other materials to be mixed in the recycled glass as this would result in poor quality recycled bottles.

Auto oil and antifreeze will pollute. Dumped or spilled will be carried along the waterways.

Glass is made up of three main raw materials; sand, soda ash and limestone. These are naturally occurring raw materials. The three are melted together at very high temperatures until they liquefy. The liquid is then poured into molds and air blowing methods are used to give the bottle shape.

Recycling glass bottles also uses the same method. Only in this case, crushed recycled glass which is referred to as cullet is added to the other three raw materials or the cullet is the only raw material that is used.

Households produce a huge amount of glass bottles and these should be collected at a central point. There are a number of recycling drop off centers that help in the process of recycling glass bottles. Before dropping off the glass bottles to the recycle centers, the bottles should be cleaned and the lids taken off. The labels can be left as these are taken off later. You should try sort the glass into the different colors; green, brown or clear. This can however be done at the recycling plants.

Recycling glass bottles is a worthwhile endeavor and everybody should try and do their bit. To encourage recycling, you should buy food and drink packaged recycled bottles. You should look at for the recycle sign that is put on all recycled materials. This is good for the environment.