Saving The Environment

Knowing Our Environment


Saving the environment is a very big deal these days, because this earth definitely needs to be saved from the ravages of war, to the destruction of good agricultural land for development, and the ongoing pollution that man insists on feeding the planet.

There is so much a person can do to help save the earth. Use natural products instead of chemicals for cleaning, laundry, showering, they work just as well if you use the appropriate ingredients for the job.

A bad habit many have is leaving lights on in a room they are not occupying. A light somehow gives a dull room, on a dull day a little bit of atmosphere, but it also uses up unnecessary energy from the environment.

More energy saving ideas are unplugging appliances that are not in use and reducing the temperature of your water heater, wash your laundry in cold water and make sure your appliances are energy efficient. Saving the environment is a community project as well as an individual effort.

Over 30% of garbage and recycling is food packaging that is unnecessary. If one layer of packaging does the trick why does it have been enclosed in four layers? So buy with less packaging. Recycle bags. If you must get plastic at the grocery store recycle, most larger food chains have a receptacle for returning plastic bags for recycling. It is usually right by the door so the deposit can be made on your way in.

There is nothing wrong with re-using, pass it along, rather than pass it up. One of the best forms of recycling is buying used. Used anything, sometimes it could become a project, but most of the time it is being used, not thrown away or left sitting in some conspicuous location. Instead of three people who live in the same area all driving their own vehicle to work, why don’t they car pool. This is a big contribution to saving the environment because of the emission control and the fact you will be taking three vehicles off the road. If everyone did that, less two more, less two more and so on and so on.

An absolute no no is don’t litter. In every town there are visible garbage disposal units, some even have divided sections for garbage and recyclables. The daily newspaper for example can be recycled, if you don’t read it don’t get it. A sign on the mailbox will stop the delivery person from leaving it. There, you’ve contributed something more. Do composting, don’t rake up the grass when you mow the lawn, it’s good mulch. Make sure you have no water leaks, only water the garden early in the morning. Use the microwave instead of the oven when possible. Saving the environment happens with small as well as large changes and differences.

Remember to take your shopping bags with you to the grocery store, not the plastic ones, but the environmentally friendly ones that you can use every week. Every grocery store and department store sell them, they are always at checkout. It’s better if you can buy bulk items, you are saving the wrapping from being discarded after a one hour use. Saving the environment is very important and we all need to play a part.