Stopping Air Pollution

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Stopping Air Pollution – You can help

Air pollution has become a problem that many have identified and contributed to. It is not a problem based in one country or a problem for undeveloped countries only, but a global problem. The air can be polluted in so many ways that one can even think that total avoidance of polluting it is impossible. However, this may not be entirely true. There are so many small things that any layman can do to avoid and even stop air pollution. There are also other bigger things involving the decision of many that can be done.

Among the more simple ways of stopping air pollution is avoiding using your car as much as possible. Fuel fumes produced by cars contribute greatly to polluting the air and therefore alternative ways of transport can be sought. Also, ensure that your car is in as good a condition as possible. Faulty motors only work to make the fumes emitted worse.

Another home-based way of stopping air pollution is using less gas in the house. There are alternative forms of energy available like biogas or solar energized cookers. Cooking gas emits an invisible yet harmful fume into the atmosphere thus contributing to this vice. Most people also use lighter fluid for their barbeques. You could instead use an electric or chimney briquette starter. Other gas powered tools like lawn mowers should also be avoided and instead use manual lawn mowers for example.

Trees have also been proven to help in cleaning the air. Plants naturally take in Carbon Dioxide and emit Oxygen. Growing more trees can therefore increase the level of Oxygen in the air therefore helping to clean it.

As forementioned, there are other bigger ways of stopping air pollution. For instance, much of the air pollution is blamed on manufacturing industries. This is mostly due to the fumes emitted from the machines used in these factories. To avoid this or simply curb it, industries should be encouraged to purchase hydroelectric powered machines which use water instead of gasoline. This may take a while to take effect but will reduce the fumes in the air seeing as water does not emit any harmful gases. It is also believed that overpopulation is contributing to aid pollution. The more people there are, the more cars are being used, the more factories are coming up, the more trees are being cut down for buildings, and the less land there is to grow natural foods and so on. The general public can therefore be encouraged to watch this so as to help future generations enjoy cleaner air.

Air pollution is generally believed to be in the outdoors only. In actual fact, indoor air pollution is worse as it has a worse effect on the people inside these buildings. This happens often in manufacturing companies that are normally filled with a number of fumes. This can be curbed by increasing ventilation ways, opening up more door spaces and adding more fans to blow the gases out the ventilation spaces.

As much as it may be a global problem, each one of us has a part to play in preventing and stopping air pollution.